Ideal Brooklyn

Ideal Brooklyn
Ideal Brooklyn

The Bushwick art scene is unlike any other in the city: unique, tight knit and highly-creative — take a peak at the Bushwick Collective.  

With parks getting a facelift everywhere in the city — with many already having gone that route in Brooklyn — this is a perfect time to create something new to excite the locals.

One beloved Brooklyn mainstay escaped near extinction recently. 

For more than year now, there’s been the rumors of a streetcar that will connect the Brooklyn and Queens waterfronts. 

There’s another HBO hit show that arrived in August, and this one has looked to Brooklyn as an inspiration.

There’s a new neighborhood name in Brooklyn. And it’s long time coming.

Pastor Katrina Forster has a special touch.

The ordained Lutheran minister helped oversee the resurgence of two congregations in the Hamptons, but she believed her real calling was in Greenpoint.

These days it’s quite a chore to travel around the city — especially in Brooklyn. The MTA system is always on the fritz. Uber and Lyft could get pricy after a while. 

For decades, Crown Heights has long played the backdrop in a lesson of the struggles of diversity in NYC.

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