A Day in Bedford Stuyvesant

The reasons you’ve been drawn to your newest residential digs are – at the very least – twofold: history and cultural legacy. On one end, you’re living amongst the most immaculate brownstones in Brooklyn. On the other, you’re a block from Biggie Smalls’ birthplace and a handful of blocks from the finest Caribbean eateries in the city. Today, however, you branch out to discover the much-debated “New” Bed-Stuy. 


While living in Brooklyn’s newest trend nabe is a treat in and of itself, there are many other morning reasons to love being a part of the fabric that is Brooklyn, one possibly being the quest for the best early morning eats. This morning, look no further than Dough. The donut doctors are possibly the best around. They have been a mainstay at the famed Smorgasburg for years, and their storefront gives the bakers a glorious daily opportunity to spread their creative wings and create doughy treats such as Tropical Chill (a mixture of mango, papaya, guava and pineapple) or Chocolate with Earl Grey (hints of bergamot orange). The spot also brews hot tasty joe to assist you with your wake-up call.


Herbert Von King Park

Just like most residents in Brooklyn, Bed-Stuy’ers love their dogs. As you finish your tour, you notice a large contingent of dog walkers headed in one direction: to Herbert Von King Park. In fact, with many dog runs and parks, Bed-Stuy may be one the most dog-friendly parts of the city. But Herbert Von King is the top of the heap. The park also hosts many non-dog-related extracurricular activities, ranging from dance sessions at its indoor dance studio, to concerts at the outdoor amphitheater.


Breukelen Cellars

As is in Brooklyn tradition, there’s always something crafty, and artsy going on about. Worlds collide at the Breukelen Cellars. The beer shop sells the best craft and Belgian brews to go with hard-to-find wines. The storefront also houses a pretty impressive art gallery. The symbiotic relationship works well. The beer and wine shop hosts numerous tasting events, and there’s something about sampling the new IPA while perusing some great new art pieces created by your neighbors.


I Like Mike's

Now that you spruced up your wardrobe, it’s time to trick out your apartment with some antique furniture and decorative objects. A visit to I Like Mike’s Mid-Century Modern is sure to please your interior decorator self. The place is like a prop shop, but everything here you could take home for good. There are so many great little things like throwback clocks, 1960’s-style media cabinets, fully-functioning dial desk phones or Brooklyn Bridge centennial ceramic hot plates.

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Brownstone tour

Another way to break the early morning slumber is a walk through the neighboring streets. You decide to create your own personal brownstone tour. Bed-Stuy is one of the most historical areas in the borough, and the clear majority of the tree-lined blocks is lined with incredible architecture. Most of these storied brownstones have been built between 1870 and 1900, maintaining their charming ways through history and into today. Architecturally the most amazing part of the area is just north of Jefferson Avenue, east of Malcolm X Boulevard and west of Tompkins Avenue. Don’t pass up a chance to see MacDonough Street, one of the greenest blocks in Brooklyn.


Saraghina Bakery

The long walks through the neighborhood has perked your appetite. The area’s hottest mid-day locale is undoubtedly Saraghina. The new age craft pizza joint has become the staple of Bed-Stuy rivaling nearby Roberta’s. The atmosphere is relaxed, and the menu highlights personal pies like prosciutto and funghi and the mouth-watering bufala. There’s also a tapas menu for the smaller bites, featuring a long list of meats and cheeses. If you have a moment to spare, sneak in next door to visit the restaurant’s bakery.


Harold and Maude

Again, the trend these days in the BK is vintage style, explaining the recent boom in the consignment shops in Bed-Stuy. Harold and Maude Vintage has quickly moved up the ladder as the place to go to pick up a vintage sweater or t-shirt, or even a bow tie. The well-curated store, named after the famous 1970’s film, has a little bit of everything. The clothes are well-priced and in great condition, and there’s a regular influx of newer items.



And now for step three in reinventing your Bed-Stuy apartment. You will find all your flora and fauna needs at the popular Seasons shop. The gardening/nursery storefront has pretty much anything you may ever need to jumpstart your personal garden. There are plenty plants, and even trees, for you to bring your one-bedroom to life. And the best part of Seasons is that they deliver and can help advise.

A Night in Bedford Stuyvesant



The culinary renaissance has been on-going for quite some time in Bed-Stuy. The leaders of the new revolution? Baron’s, the best oyster bar in Northeast Brooklyn. They also have killer beef tartar and a burger to satisfy your carnivorous needs. The best part of Baron’s is it being relaxing and homey, offering a chance to take a true break from the urban bustle.


The Wilky

Bed-Stuy has a very active nightlife and you are ready to indulge and unleash your stress. The Wilky is definitely a good start. The spacious German-style beer hall has a beer program that is second-to-none in all of Brooklyn. The beer menu features 18 craft taps such as Black Hog Italian Plum Goose and the Other Half Short Dark & Handsome Stout. The beer list has distracted you from a pretty tasty bar menu – take a bite out of the barbacoa quesadilla (goat meat).


Lovers Rock

If it is cocktails you crave, then Lovers Rock is where you should be. The causal bar has a Caribbean tone with the most impressive rum list you will ever have seen, sporting hard-to-find rums from Martinque, Panama, Nicaragua and Jamaica. The party is just about to get started on the dance floor as the bar transforms into a pseudo-night club with swanky DJ’s turning up the sounds on the weekend.

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The Living Gallery

Expression is a big part of Bed-Stuy. After all, this is the neighborhood that spawned Biggie Smalls and was the setting for the legendary film “Do the Right Thing.” Today's local artists can be seen and heard at The Living Gallery. The privately-owned gallery and performance art studio has become a spot for locals to teach and show their work. Tonight you will be catching a workshop in avant-garde Japanese dance.


C'mon Everybody

You escape before the crowd builds at Lovers Rock, but your final stop leads you to the ultimate dance party at C’Mon Everybody. The oversized music venue has gotten a very solid reputation for being non-intrusive and safe. The local bands, singers and DJ’s have turned this spot into a bit of cultural phenomenon in Bed-Stuy. It’s time to just dance. Dance.

Words by Arte Vincent

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