A Day in Bushwick

Aaaahhh, mornings in Bushwick are unlike any other. That’s probably because there’s art-inspiring life at every corner… even at this hour. If you have a dog, take it out for a run. Your journey will take you pass a batch of street revealing artists setting up shop at a blank building wall. Then you’re likely to walk past a film crew putting their equipment together.

Green Central Knoll

Finally, you’re likely to land at Green Central Knoll. The park has a nautical theme and is quaint and quiet place, just perfect for your dog’s run. In fact, right here, off of Evergreen Avenue, you have found your neighborhood’s very own dog park. 


Shops at the Loom

After a quick shower, you get back on the lively streets of Bushwick, ready for more. In the vein of Williamsburg, you have your slew of specialty shopping. The Loom brings a plethora of little boutique shops under one roof. The mini-mall and an artist conglomerate, The Loom brings to your shopping pleasure some 17 shops in total, along with a pet supply store, a handmade local apparel shop, bike & skate shop, office and art supply shops. You even scan the schedule of the yoga studio, if you must.


Artist and Craftsman Supply

Just like any other aspiring artist, you need to start somewhere. And there’s only one place to start: Artist and Craftsman Supply. The art supply store was established in 1985 and there’s nothing here that your creative self won’t be able to find — from spray paints, oil colors, brushes, canvas boards, models and journals, the place carries it all. And unlike their counterparts in East Village, the supplies here are (relatively) affordable.


Bushwick Collective

You may have noticed. Bushwick is entirely about artists! Warehouses-turned-artist-hubs are everywhere. Of course, you decide to go a bit deeper. You take an art tour with the Bushwick Collective and you soon learn it is the perfect Bushwick experience. The neighborhood has been transformed by the collective’s outdoor art gallery, which features the works of the best street artists in the world.

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Mominette Bistro

There’s nothing like a French breakfast, you say? Bushwick has a perfect proof to your postulation: Mominette. They do French breakfast best. The atmosphere is beyond relaxing and the food is simple and by extension great. Actually you may find this the very best breakfast/brunch experience of your life. Move over, Eggs Benedict (so passé!, although you can of course get them here too), here come Eggs Italienne (grilled tomato, poached eggs on an English muffin with Hollandaise sauce). It gets even better with an apple and bacon Omelette, and duck hash confit and eggs. Of course a place like this cannot possibly have bad coffee.


The Bodega

The lunch bell rings in your head and you instantly start visualizing in your mind’s eye… The Bodega. Yes, it’s a beer and wine haven, but The Bodega has turned into a cult culinary favorite among the Bushwickians (or are they Bushwackians?). Bring on the dancing horses, or The Bodega’s mouth-watering sandwich selection that is like no other! Jive Turkey is the rightful centerpiece (honey turkey, cheddar, pickled jalapeño, tomato, lemon pepper aioli). Add to that a lengthy list of meats and cheeses (you’d want to try the Truffle Tremor).


Silent Barn

As it is customary in Bushwick, you overhear someone at lunch mention a once-underground art space called the Silent Barn. So curiosity takes over, and you seek and find for the glorious gem. The venue is a three-story facility with a musical section, an art gallery, a barber shop, a vinyl shop, screen printing studio and a bar. Another conglomerate for you to closely investigate.



The creative juices are following strong now. That’s what Bushwick, easily the artistic vein of Brooklyn and New York City, tends to do to your flow. You have seen the massive blocks of street art and the uber creative co-working spaces like Bat Haus. Treat yourself now to a visit to 3rdEye(Sol)ation, the area’s top art gallery and the beating heart of the Bushwick art scene. There’s always something different happening here, so come by often if you want to stay in the know.

A Night in Bushwick



With the tummy rumbling, make a refueling stop at one of the great Bushwick eateries. The best is Tutu’s, home of the traditional American pub food. The dinner choices feature wondrous raw bar — a selection of Blue Point, Malpeque and Fanny Bay oysters. There are also smoked pork belly sliders to start and a seasonal seafood boil. Yes, it’s all comfort food, but comfort food aimed at unadulterated comfort, and done to perfection.



Art is of course its own thing, but what some may argue Bushwick is really all about are its bars. There are SO many options that the very idea may make your head spin. Birdy’s, Boobie Trap, Alaska... But tonight is all about Alphaville. The decor is low-key and beat-up, but that of course just adds to the charm of this dive bar. Great prices all night long on beers and cocktails, plus a fantastic whiskey selection to pique your interest.



Tipsy? Don’t fret. There’s a little late-night treat nearby that will get your senses back on track. Just off of Moore Street, Roberta’s has become the standard in artisanal pizza-making, drawing some national attention. They have a nice garden, but tonight, march over to the takeout window and order the Bee Sting — a blend of tomato, Mozzarella, Soppressata, chili and honey. Yum, Bushwick!

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Rooftop Cinema Club

There’s something about watching movies outside that excites the American soul… and for the urban dweller – “outdoors” is even better on a rooftop. Somehow you score some cheap tickets to “Dirty Dancing” at the Rooftop Cinema Club on top of the Office Ops at Thames Street. How do you beat having the city skyline be the frame behind the large screen version of Patrick Swayze? Thank you, rooftop movement, for all that you have given us.



Just like Bushwick, there is an aptly named, and quite frankly WEIRD bar, called Bizarre. Bizarre is burlesque and drag show and a crazy disco ball in the bathroom. Bizarre is also great live music and amazing craft cocktails and best burgers in all of Bushwick. But naturally you are here for the atmosphere and drinks, so try their absinthe-based cocktails.

Words by Arte Vincent

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