A Day in Prospect Heights

Prospect Heights is a predominately residential Brooklyn neighborhood filled with musicians, artists, designers, writers, and families living a diverse yet sophisticated lifestyle. Prospect Heights offers the best of all worlds: nearly all subway lines come through here, the shops are chic and the restaurant fare is pretty darn tasty. Let’s not also forget the little arena called Barclays Center, and of course the legendary Brooklyn Museum. So whether you are a newcomer or visitor, here’s a taste of life in Brooklyn’s laid-back brownstone ‘hood.

Mount Prospect Park

Time to open your eyes, stretch your legs, wiggle your arms and feel the wet nose of your cuddly cocker spaniel in your face. You know you need to rise now. But before you dive into the shower, you need to run your furry friend over to Mount Prospect Park. Keep this “secret” park on the DL. The dog park is the kind of low-key gem that only locals know of. Tucked away between the Brooklyn Botanic Garden and Brooklyn Public Library, it is easy to miss. Look for the long stretch of stairs. Once you find it, you’ll see it’s large, quiet and supremely dog-friendly.


Brooklyn Brainery

Take a class at Brooklyn Brainery!  A local favorite, this gem offers affordable classes for curious adults who crave to learn about anything and everything.  Classes range from all sorts of things from the history of Brooklyn, professional storytelling, campfire cooking, physics, cyanotype, personal finances, HTML, to buying your first home in Prospect Heights.  The list is endless and once you take one class you’re sure to be back for more.


Tom's Restaurant

With your day in full swing, your stomach must be starting to bug you… just about... now. Good thing you are in one of the best neighborhoods for food. For lunch — and brunch — Tom’s Restaurant is the place to be. First off, this petite place has been a neighborhood staple since 1936, offering marvelous diner-style grub. But, as locals know, Tom’s is so much more than a diner. The owners maintain the old-school 1940s and 1950s vibe with oldies on the speakers day and night. They also serve the best egg creams and cherry lime rickeys, a wonderful treat from NYC’s bygone soda fountain era. The best thing about this place, however, is the food. Tom's arguably has the best pancakes in the city. My favorite? Banana walnut.


The Unnameable Books

All those books may have you inspired to create your own personal library. If you develop the bookworm itch, take a stroll into The Unnameable Books where you’ll be greeted with a sign that reads “Please do not steal the books.” This bookstore (one of the few left mom and pop owned in the city) is beyond cozy and friendly. The smell of old books permeates the shop as you look through the large collection that includes plenty of Dr. Seuss classics and great reads like Allen Ginsberg’s Howl.



The vibes from the streets inspire you to indulge a little. The one clothing store in Prospect Heights that you’ll find difficult to stop going to is O.N.A. NYC. The women’s boutique clothing store fits the bill for the casual and classic dresser alike. The best thing about O.N.A. NYC? It only features designs from local and emerging designers.

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Sit & Wonder

Upon returning to your apartment or brownstone, take a detour to Sit & Wonder coffee shop at Washington Avenue and St. Mark’s Avenue. Just like the dog park, this coffee shop is unique for being peaceful at this time of day. It’s almost too cozy, and you won’t feel like wanting to leave. And the coffee and pastries are yum.



Famed newcomer, Olmsted is a Michelin-rated neighborhood hot spot offering a seasonal, ingredient-driven menu, some of which comes straight from their backyard garden.  You’re welcome to partake for a drink and a bite - or sit inside for a full course meal replete with living wall and lush gardens.  Kudos to you if you're lucky to snag a table at this celebrated restaurant. 


Brooklyn Public Library

By now, all those egg creams and pancakes may have you falling asleep. If that is the case, take a quick walk to the Brooklyn Public Library and work out that pound of bacon or pancake batter. The exterior of the library is a masterpiece of architecture unto itself, a photographer's true delight. The entrance is gold-encrusted and designed to appear to look like an open book. Inside, dive into millions of catalogued books, magazines and multimedia. If you dig deeper, you may even find the hailed “Brooklyn Collection.” There’s a collection of the Brooklyn Dodger and a collection of the Brooklyn Eagle that was edited by Walt Whitman. Not too shabby!


Bklyn Larder

Life would be great if you could eat out every night in Prospect Heights. More than likely, that’s not the case. So it’s time to grocery shop! And there’s one place you cannot miss. Bklyn Larder is designed to cater to you every culinary need. There’s an extra large selection of grass-fed meats, cheeses, homemade gelato, organic milk and chocolates. They also carry spices, mayo and ketchup. But it's the charm of this modern organic grocery store (the decor is has near stark appearance) that keeps the locals here and out of Whole Foods.

A Night in Prospect Heights


Ample Hills Creamery

Skip dessert at The Vanderbilt. It’s no offense to the restaurant at all. It’s only because you could go across the street to Ample Hills. ‘Nuff said. The creamery is easily the best in the borough and you will need to find room for its many deliciousnesses. Small-batch ice creams made from local, organic ingredients? Awesome, sure, cool, yeah. But you definitely need to try their salted crack caramel flavor, and maybe even the ooey gooey butter cake.


The Way Station

The night winds to a close but you are still searching for more. Then, the musical sounds charm you over to The Way Station. The musical venue is the ultimate late night destination. There’s replica of TARDIS, the time machine from Dr. Who; and the curated diet of live bands is sure to leave a lasting smile on your face for the rest of the night and into the following day.

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Tooker Alley

Now is the time to unwind and let loose. And there’s one bar that attracts the most locals: Tooker Alley. This speakeasy-style bar is unlike any in the city. Tooker Alley is geared to bring to life the bohemian spirit of Chicago’s former Dill Pickle Club (formerly located on a street named Tooker Alley.) You’ll find their cocktails beyond addictive.

Words by Arte Vincent

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