A Day in Garment District

In its heyday in the 1950’s, the Garment District in New York City was a marvel to walk around. The sidewalks were filled with workers pushing racks of clothes everywhere. Today, the memories of yesteryear and the nostalgic feeling surrounding those scenes have transformed the neighborhood into the fashion capital of the world. If you are into style and trends, in the Garment District you won’t have to travel much to find something cool to wear.

The Picnic Basket

The morning spots in the city are plentiful, and that especially rings true in this part of the city. This morning, head on over to The Picnic Basket. The quaint restaurant offers up some great Italian espresso roasted by Danesi. The food is surprisingly delectable… for such a simple menu. The spot truly seems to prefer quality over quantity. The biggest sellers are the Egg on Brioche and the Croissant Egg Sandwich (both served with plum tomatoes and house dressing).


Madison Square Garden

Speaking of Madison Square Garden, now may be the perfect time to take a private tour of the “World’s Most Famous Arena.” At this hour, the morning crowds have simmered down at The Garden so you decide to take a tour of the main floor of the entertainment complex. You are also happy to gain access to the New York Knicks and Rangers clubhouses.


Empire State Building

There’s nothing more New York City than Empire State Building. The skyscraper is easily the symbol of the city as it was the world’s tallest building from 1931 to 1970 (it’s currently the 5th tallest in the USA). Today, you will have the chance to travel all the way to top of the building’s observation deck to catch amazing views of the city. On your way up, you pick up little tidbits as you pass the 102nd floor. The floor has a door that leads to the 103rd floor, allowing access to the building’s famed spire. The area has become a hotspot for celebrities! The tour of the building also gives visitors access to the Empire State Building’s state-of-the-art LED lights that change daily to represent current affairs.

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Penn Station

There’s no busier train station in the Western Hemisphere than Penn Station. The transit landmark may not be as glamorous as Grand Central, but there’s a certain charm to the Penn. That’s also probably – at least partially – because the station is connected to Madison Square Garden.


Esposito Meat Market

There’s only a handful of fantastic lunch spots in the Garment District, but that makes your decision all that much easier. There’s the traditional bar food at Mustang Harry’s. There’s the famed Black Iron Burger, home to the most massive milk shakes you will ever see. The wait time, however, could be a bit too much. Relatively nearby is The Pennsy Food Hall, a fairly new addition to the neighborhood. The high-end food hall is located above Penn Station in the old Borders Bookstore location. But the truly must-go spots are, luckily, located right next to one another. The Sergimmo Salumeria on 9th Avenue and 36th Street is the ultimate Italian sandwich spot. And just down on the corner is the Esposito Meat Market, one of the most famous Italian butcher spots in city, boasting famous customers such as movie director Martin Scorsese.


Garment District landmarks

Garment District is the mecca of fashion and fabrics; the annual sales of the fashion-related goods here exceed $9 billion! So let’s take a little tour of the Garment District landmarks. As you roam the streets, you’re bound to come across a sculpture you simply must see: The Garment Worker, a bronze statue depicting a man sewing a dress. As you continue to roam around the surrounding areas, you come across a long line of supply stores, warehouses and showrooms that showcase fabrics and every variety of notions. As you dig further, you find the home offices of fashion designers such as Carolina Herrera, Oscar de la Renta, Calvin Klein, Donna Karan, Liz Claiborne, and Andrew Marc.

A Night in Garment District



While touring your neighborhood, you come across a good number of excellent dinner options. Some of the standouts include Lucy’s Cantina Royale with their summer rooftop dining, but the definite highlight of the area is Mercato. The small Italian eatery offers great cocktails and tasty bites such as Stracciatella (soft Italian buffalo cheese made in house and placed over a bed of imported speck ham). Or you could go for the delicious porchetta and homemade pasta dishes.


Stout NYC

Garment District’s late night bar scene is top notch. There are so many bars and venues to choose from. For example, the District Tap House features a massive beer list that will blow your mind. Great Irish pubs are also plentiful. The best of the bunch is the Stout and Foley’s, which has become the ultimate baseball bar as it welcomes many famous baseball figures on a weekly basis. Then there are two fantastic rooftop bars – the modern Rock & Reilly’s and Refinery hotel Rooftop. Explore!

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Parker & Quinn

There’s an overwhelming number of Irish pubs scattered all over the Garment District. But there’s one great cocktail bar to give a break from the Guiness and Jameson’s. The drinks at Parker & Quinn are quite refreshing, from the Sparkle & Rose (Plymouth gin, Aperol, St. Germaine, Ruby Red Grapefruit that’s finished with prosecco) to the blood orange margarita (patron, cointreau, blood orange puree). The most outstanding are the selections of Mules like The Chatham (absolute lime, fresh lime, orange bitters and ginger beer) and The Morgan (milage tequila, muddled orange rinds, lime juice, agave, and ginger beer with a Grand Marnier floater).

Words by Arte Vincent

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