A Day in Midtown

Being the center of NYC is like living in the center of the universe, on a pedestal. In Midtown, you are finding yourself in the most famed and most expensive neighborhood in the world. There's nothing like it. On one side you have Central Park, on the other, incredible restaurants, mixed in with the 5th Avenue’s shopping scene (think Rodeo Drive meets NYC).

Central Park

Living in the center of the world’s most famous city has its perks, the most breathtaking being the luxury of a life right by Central Park. There’s no park in the world more recognizable than Central Park, its greenery the most visited in the United States. Your mornings will be filled with walks around a tapestry of gigantic rocks and tree-lined walkways. Here, you could get lost in the beauty of nature, smack in the middle of the world's most famous metropolis. The Bethesda Terrace and Fountain offers picturesque views that have been settings for many famous films and endless wedding photography sessions. There’s also rowboat rentals nearby as well as the Central Park Zoo and Sheep’s Meadow. In the summer time, there’s the intensely popular Shakespeare in the Park series that gives residents free access to modern stage renditions of the famed playwright’s plays.


Plaza Hotel

You may have been introduced to New York City’s Plaza Hotel by way of watching Home Alone 2. Regardless of how you first got to know it, the landmark 20-story luxury hotel and condo complex is easily the most cherished hotel in the world. The Plaza has been home to many political meetings and many famous public figures. Its Persian Room has been witness to endless musical acts such as Josephine Baer, Liza Minnelli, and Andy Williams. Legendary jazz musician Miles Davis recorded a live album in the Persian Room in 1958. The Grand Ballroom is a spectacle in itself. The catering hall has hosted many a power event, the most famous probably being Truman Capote’s “Black and Wide Ball."


Tanner Smith's

For lunch, your top mid-day stop is at Tanner Smith's. The rustic American eatery has become a popular destination, its menu offering some original selections (include eggplant chips and Thai deviled eggs.) But things get kicked up a notch at Tanner Smith’s with the sandwiches. The best seller is their braised duck sandwich (smoked gouda, sour cherry marmalade and pickled onions). On the lighter side, there’s the Brussel sprout hash, which features a fried egg and dill crème fraîche.


Rockefeller Center

Pretty sure everyone, and I mean, everyone (even those living under rocks!) knows about Rockefeller Center, the home of NYC’s annual Christmas Tree. The Art Deco-inspired complex has become a shopping and media giant – all you need to do walk around the area to get an idea how vast the center is. The centerpiece is the statue of Prometheus that presides over the equally famous skating rink. There’s also the statue of Atlas in this original home of the Time Magazine (the lobby is a piece of art in itself). Today, NBC’s headquarters remain the largest tenant in the area. On the street level you can bear witness to the tapings of the Today Show. The live tapings of Saturday Night Live and Late Night with Jimmy Fallon are also here. Naturally, the eternal tourist in you decides to also check out the maze-y underground shopping center with its many sleek restaurants.

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Blue Dog Kitchen Bar

The best way to fill your stomach in the morning is by way of Blue Dog Kitchen Bar. The restaurant serves pure deliciousness, all day and night. Still, mornings are the best time here. The eatery offers four types of benedicts — crab, traditional, florentine and grilled avocado. There are also many traditional dishes such as the Croque Madame, Croque Monsieur and Huevos Rancheros. If you decide to go with side dishes, pick out the cheddar jalapeño grits.


Museum of Modern Art (MoMA)

Of all the museums you will visit during your time in Manhattan, the most intriguing and memorable one will likely be the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA). The art mecca focuses its collection efforts on contemporary art, with decisive spotlights on Marc Chagall, Claude Monet, Henri Matisse (“The Dance” is housed here) and Pablo Picasso. But the two singular attractions at MoMA thar are the eternal must-sees are Vincent van Gogh’s “Starry Night” and Andy Warhol’s “Campbell’s Soup Cans.” Naturally, MoMA houses many other excellent collections, from Henri Rousseau and Paul Gaugin.


Chrysler Building

The second-most recognized skyscraper in New York City is located down the block from your apartment. The Chrysler Building is an Art Deco-style building that resembles the Empire State Building, only smaller. The structure is a classic example of Art Deco perfection, and has annually been classified by architects as one of the country’s most important buildings. The skyscraper has inspired many modern buildings such as the Al Kazim Towers in Dubai. Today, the building remains home to many large corporations such as Creative Artists Agency, YES Network and InterMedia Partners.

A Night in Midtown


St. Patrick's Cathedral

In New York City, the closest thing to Europe’s famed cathedrals is St. Patrick's Cathedral. The Neo-Gothic-style Roman Catholic cathedral church was built in 1879. The architectural features give it a feeling of a basilica. The Cathedral is also the seat of the archbishop of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of New York. Today, you opt for a walk around its giant interior, just to revel in its plentiful architectural details, from ceilings to statues.


Del Frisco's of New York

The dinner options in Midtown, endless as they may be, may wreak havoc to your normally sound decision-making ability. There are top of the line spots such as Marea or the Todd English Food Hall in the Plaza. But, for tonight, you choose to make a reservation at Del Frisco’s Double Eagle Steakhouse. The meat kings have become the most visited steakhouse in the city, after all. The thing with Del Frisco’s is their dedication to service – attention to detail is at the very forefront. Still, their food remains the steakhouse’s biggest selling point. You decide to start with their finger-licking good starters: the thick cut bacon au poivre and escargot.


Apple Store

Living in Midtown means everything stays open late. This late night excursion will take you to the 24-hour Apple Store at 59th and 5th Avenue. The building was the first Apple Store to open in New York City, and the location is one of Apple’s busiest and most renowned stores in the world. What better way to end your day than to play with a few of Apple’s latest gadgets?

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Radio City Music Hall

Another super recognizable NYC destination is also here, in Midtown: Radio City Music Hall. Tonight you have procured tickets to watch the city’s famed Rockettes perform. The music hall opened in 1932 and has kept much of its original aspects on the exterior.


The Bar Downstairs

Everything in Midtown is luxurious and posh. The bars follow suit, and among them so does The Bar Downstairs. The craft cocktails establishment features a classy décor with leather couches and chairs. With its impressive food selection (such as pork belly morsels and numerous other Latin-style dishes), The Bar Downstairs is a chic take on a speakeasy-inspired drinking. But, yes, you are here to drink, and you learn that their menu is broken into two parts: shaken or stirred. You’re thinking you’d enjoy the spirit-forward drinks like Fowl Weather Friend (cascabel pepper-infused aged rum, amaro nonino, cocchi americano, mole bitters, smoked chili bitters).

Words by Arte Vincent

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