A Day in Murray Hill

The life in Murray Hill changed in the late 1990s, when college graduates began to flock to this New York City neighborhood on a quest for affordable living. In many ways, the area grew to become a bachelor haven as old college roommates began to build their individual lives for the first time. Even the New York Times referred to the neighborhood as giving birth to the term “work hard, play hard.” Welcome to the fraternity of Murray Hill!

St. Vartan Park

The early risers in Murray Hill utilize the cozy St. Vartan Park for their daily activities. The handball and racquetball stronghold doesn’t unfortunately offer much greenery, but is rather a sports-driven spot. Still, there’s plenty of seating around to give you a chance to sit down and catch your breath after a morning run.


The Morgan Library & Museum

Many locals may not even know about The Morgan Library & Museum. This beautiful white classic building is muted by its larger museum and library counterparts in the heart of the city. Originally, this was the personal library of JP Morgan’s in the early 1900s. Since, the institution has evolved into one of the most important artistic and literary collections in the world. For instance, the library contains a large collection of pamphlets, prints and drawings of Leonardo, Michelangelo, Raphael, Rembrandt, Rubens, Gainsborough, Durer and Picasso. They also carry early printed bibles and three Gutenberg Bibles.


Consulate building tour

There’s a distinct international appeal in the area due to the relative proximity of the United Nations headquarters. Take some time to stroll around and create your own little private consulate building tour. Many foreign countries’ consulates are housed in the area’s landmarked mansions. The three most notable are the Consulate-General of Mexico at 27 East 39th Street, the Consulate-General of South Africa at 333 East 38th Street and the Consulate-General of the Republic of Poland at 233 Madison Avenue. Nineteen other countries house their ambassadorial staff in the neighborhood, including Fiji, Estonia, Iran, India and Guinea.

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Some find the healthy eats of the city unappealing at best. With their spectacular morning eats, Delectica entirelh changes that. First off, this is one of the most peaceful settings in Murray Hill. Secondly, when you order from their juice bar, you feel like you’ve been lifted from the ground (the aptly named Hangover Helper, with beet, celery, carrot and ginger root, lives up well to its name.) No matter what you do, don’t forget to order food. Their sandwiches are top-notch, and their homemade quiches are to die for. The latter come in a variety of options, from the spinach and tomato, to asparagus and ricotta and the ever-popular mushroom and artichoke.


Sticky’s Finger Joint

Lunch choices in your neighborhood may not be as glamorous as elsewhere in the city, but the few good ones are truly excellent. There’s the Sons of Thunder, which specializes in Hawaiian cuisines and poke. There’s also the famed Sarge’s Deli, the area’s version of Katz. If you are feeling a little adventurous, then leave the neighborhood behind and shoot a few blocks down toward the Kips Bay border to experience the best all-you-could-eat Indian food. Don’t miss a chance to have a meal at the Sticky’s Finger Joint. The privately-owned chicken tender specialist offers gourmet chicken fingers that are tossed in house made sauces such as Vampire Aioli and Mac Sauce. The signature selections include Thai Fiesta (mac sauce, Thai sweet chili, taco seasoning and sesame seeds) and General Sticky Tso (General T’Sticky sauce, scallions, hot peppers).


Scandinavia House

Since you are already appreciating your neighborhood’s international appeal, make a trip to The Scandinavia House. The cultural center celebrates the history of the Nordic countries, with a wide and varied collection of exhibits and programming. The arts center is fairly large to explore, as it spans seven floors and includes a restaurant on the top floor. The lower levels feature many of the best in Scandinavian designs, and host numerous symposiums, lectures and concerts. The third floor houses the House’s main attractions, featuring exhibits and galleries that give insight to the artwork of the Scandinavian countries, including an exhibit that details the works of Nordic women – a marvelous change of pace from the art exhibits from around the city.

A Night in Murray Hill


Salvation Taco

The dinner scene in Murray Hill is filled with new wave style of small eateries that think simple. The best of the bunch are The Cannibal (meat-centric small plates and charcuterie with craft beer) and Penelope (comfort food with lines that sling around the block at times). But tonight, the night is reserved for Salvation Taco in the Pod 39 Hotel. On the surface, the Mexican place is stylish (think Dos Caminos) with pricey tacos. But there’s much more to this Mexican street food specialist. They have changed the way in which New Yorkers appreciate the Mexican cuisine. For starters, the restaurant often serves a whole roasted pig’s head as a family-style event. Beyond delectable!


Middle Branch

Yes, it’s true: there’s a legendary college bar called Joshua Tree. But there’s also an ultimate cocktail bar that’s right in your neighborhood. The drinks at Middle Branch are incredible. The bar is part of a privately-owned cocktail bar family in the city (the other is Little Branch and formerly Milk & Honey (now closed) in the Village.) The drinks you would hope to experience here include a rum-based Island Old Fashioned as well as various takes on numerous other Prohibition-era cocktails.

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The Ginger Man

There are many great bars in the area that offer cultural experiences, including German beer spots Reichenbach Hall and Hofbrau Bierhaus NYC. But the must-go-to is The Ginger Man. The vast beer hall has an instant European appeal, its beer selection almost too amazing to digest. In fact, many beer advocates call this pub one of the finest beer bars in the world. There’s 69 beers on tap, 79 bottle varieties, 25 can beers and two cask ales. The flavors range from Hawaii to Belgium to Spain. The place stocks hard-to-find beers (many aren’t available in any bars in the Northeast) like the Birrificio del Ducato Verdi Imperial Stout.

Words by Arte Vincent

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